Sugarbaker Oncology Associates
Specialty Treatment Programs

Clinical research protocols should be the Standard of Care
for patients with incurable diseases.

To optimize the quality of a patient's treatment during a hospital stay, Sugarbaker Oncology Associates and the Washington Cancer Institute staff have collectively developed clinical pathways for the treatment of gastrointestinal cancers, hepatobiliary (primary and metastatic liver) cancers as well as primary peritoneal surface cancers (peritoneal mesothelioma and abdominopelvic sarcoma). A clinical pathway is an evidence-based consensus of the most effective means of care for a typical patient with a given disease at this institution. One aspect of the clinical pathway is a caremap that is developed with active input from surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and the surgical nursing division. The caremaps outline the expected outcomes day by day throughout the length of stay for a typical patient with a specific disease. The caremap allows us to acquire information on the quality and efficiency of cancer management.

The following is a list of the specialty treatment programs developed by Sugarbaker Oncology Associates. Please click on a button to see additional information regarding the program.



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