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The purpose of this Guide is to help referring physicians obtain information regarding Sugarbaker Oncology Associates, Washington Hospital Center and the treatments available. This guide will assist you whether you are looking for interdisciplinary care for your patient for the duration of the illness, a specialist to perform a single procedure, or a team of experts to render a second opinion.

If you have questions about Sugarbaker Oncology Associates, or about Washington Hospital Center in general, physicians (as well as prospective patients and their families) are invited to call (202) 877-3908. We welcome your inquiries. Please feel free to call us for assistance.

The following is a brief list of surgical, oncology and other medical resources available on the internet:

American College of Surgeons


American Society of Clinical Oncologists

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Journal of Clinical Oncology

National Cancer Institute

American Assn for Cancer Research

Oncology Nursing Society


The Virtual Hospital

International Clinical
Hyperthermia Society

Society for Thermal Medicine



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